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Getting a massage is considered the ultimate in luxury and pampering, but have you discovered its therapeutic and healing qualities? (Please inform us if you are pregnant so we may refer you to our trained professional massage therapist)
massageFor thousands of years people have gotten massages to relieve muscle cramps, help reduce stress and heal injuries. By physically massaging skin and muscle tissues, blood and fluid circulation is stimulated which helps drain toxins and impurities out of your system. By reducing fluid retention, massage will also reduce fluid build-up that can cause swelling. Massage therapy can also help stimulate your body’s natural generation of cells which creates a natural anti-aging cycle. Our gentle massage treatments can also alleviate pain and induce deep relaxation to counterbalance the additional stresses of living and working.


This classic Swedish light touch massage uses long-flowing strokes and is designed to induce relaxation and improve circulation; and will have our therapist kneading you to pure bliss. (please inform us if you are pregnant)

60 minutes – $120

90 minutes – $150


This deep-pressure massage specifically targets areas of tension and discomfort, bringing pain relief and easing fatigue, sides being completely blissful, it improves the healing process of pulled muscles, sprained ligaments, reduces spasm scar tissues, pain and swelling of the body. (please inform us if you are pregnant)

60 minutes – $130

90 minutes – $160


A Swedish massage that will create a memory you will both treasure. Our treatment rooms are designed to enjoy your massages side-by-side, ensuring a truly romantic or special occasion extraordinary. Share a relaxing massage with a friend or loved one. (please inform us if you are pregnant)

60 minutes – $240

90 minutes – $300


This soothing experience serves to renew and revive the mommy-to-be as the therapist performs a full-body massage to specifically address the discomforts of pregnancy. This experience aids in relaxation, benefits circulation and provides comfort during a beautiful time of change. Prenatal massage is available only after the first trimester. (please inform us if you are pregnant)

60 minutes – $120

90 minutes – $160


This ancient healing art brings relief to tense muscles, sore joints and weary spirit. The warmth of smooth, heated basalt stones is combined with expert touch of the massage therapist to melt away stress and tension for an extraordinary spa experience. (please inform us if you are pregnant)

60 minutes – $125

90 minutes – $160


An extra touch for your head, shoulders and back, it focuses on the pressure points to refresh your body and mind. A great way to help relieve stress and jet lag! (please inform us if you are pregnant)

$85 – 30min


This powerful therapy uses a natural-bristle brush to increase circulation, improve digestion, alleviate muscular tension and help slow the skin’s aging process and can sustain or re-establish the skin’s functional integrity and youthful glow. (please inform us if you are pregnant)

60 minutes – $100

PLANTAR FASCIITIS *(not available at this time)

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition of the foot that occurs when the fascia of the plantar (bottom) surface of the foot becomes inflamed. Symptoms usually include soreness or tightness of the heel of the foot and some soreness to the lower leg. Stretching of the fascia of the foot and calf muscles and active stretching of the foot help to alleviate the pain. Recommendations: It is generally recommended a series of 4-6 sessions; approximately 5 days apart are scheduled, to derive the optimum benefit.

30 minutes – $60


Bamboo Massage incorporates different lengths and diameters of bamboo sticks. Warmed smooth bamboo
is integrated into a flowing Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. It brings a warming soothing effect to the muscles.
*Ask to add our CBD Oil to any massage for an extra therapeutic effect. 

60 minutes – $120

90 minutes – $155


Also known as “zone therapy,” is an alternative practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet or hands. This is done using thumb, finger and hand massage techniques. This manipulation produces positive effects elsewhere in the body with corresponding zones on the hands or feet.

60 minutes – $85



The Benefits of Massage

Massage is generally considered part of integrative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.

Massage benefits can include:

  • Reducing stress and increasing relaxation
  • Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension
  • Improving circulation, energy and alertness
  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improving immune function


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"Just had my first visit here and it was a wonderful experience! Very clean, extremely professional, and great services. Definitely recommend!"

"I have been going to Spa 4109 in Lynchburg for years. From the front desk, service and professional staff this place is wonderful. I love going to Ashley for a massage. She puts me right to sleep! I have had my lashes done. Facials are great and wax services. Definitely recommend this place to others."

"I had a very relaxing visit at Spa 4109. Everyone was very friendly and professional. I had a hair cut and style, dimensional color, and eye brow-neat & tidy service. I highly recommend Spa 4109 in Lynchburg VA."

"Awesome couples massage! Ashley was amazing and I left feeling relaxed and in a zen state. Check-in was smooth, comfy robes, and reasonable pricing. Music, while you’re relaxing, we want to come back."

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